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Instrument of Peace- Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 16


When an unusual instrument belonging to the Silver Peak library is stolen and found with an irreparable amount of damage, Sadie must discover who is behind the mischief before the library’s Thanksgiving exhibit is threatened further. Meanwhile, someone has been giving large donations to the library’s food drive, except they are being dropped off when the library should be locked up and closed! As Sadie investigates the matter further, she uncovers a story of compassion and charity that no one could ever have imagined. 


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With Sadie’s assistance, the town library is gearing up for an annual Thanksgiving exhibit on the area’s rich Native American history. After years of being asked, an old Silver Peak family has finally agreed to display a family heirloom: an unusual stringed instrument of native origin. Spike Harris has been practicing on it so he can play it at the exhibit’s closing, but the irreplaceable instrument goes missing, then is found—apparently vandalized and damaged beyond repair. And just as Sadie thinks she’s figured out who was behind the damage, the instrument goes missing again right when Spike’s concert is to begin! Meanwhile, an overabundance of donations for a food drive is a great problem to have, except that someone is dropping them off in the wee hours of the morning, when the library should be locked up safe and sound. Sadie’s sleuthing of both mysteries leads to surprising yet deeply satisfying conclusions.

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