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Nobody’s Safe – Mysteries of Silver Peak – Book 2


As restoration begins at the historic Silver Peak opera house, the workers discover an old, locked safe that has been sealed in the walls for decades. Sadie wants to put the safe up for auction to help offset the cost of renovation. But what about the contents? What treasures might be locked within? When a threatening, anonymous note is left on Sadie’s car, she is more determined than ever to unlock the safe’s secrets and reveal who wrote the notes. Will the hidden secrets of the past have lasting effects in the present?


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About the Book

During a restoration of Silver Peak’s historic opera house, where famous people such as Buffalo Bill and Sarah Bernhardt graced the stage in its boomtown heyday, workers discover an old, ornate pedestal safe that’s been sealed in the walls. How long has the safe been there? And why would someone seal it away from sight in the opera house? Sadie can’t wait to examine the rare antique and discover what treasures might wait inside. If it is as valuable as Sadie believes it to be, the safe could be sold to subsidize the opera house’s restoration. But when threatening notes arrive, warning Sadie to leave the safe unopened, she must race the clock to uncover its secrets before it’s too late.

About the Series
Everyone in Silver Peak, Colorado, knows Sadie Speers as the town’s unofficial historian. The Antique Mine, her well-stocked antique shop, is a favorite of both locals and visitors alike in this historic mining town. Silver Peak’s past is full of mysteries, and no one is better at solving them than Sadie.

Book Details
Hardcover, 288 pages
Author: Nancy Mehl

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