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Chapter and Verse – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 24


When Sadie buys an old trunk at an estate liquidation, she discovers a beautiful, handwritten poem in the lining. Who wrote the artfully crafted poem, and what is the secret behind the trunk? Meanwhile, Sadie’s daughter, Alice, encounters a mystery of her own when she consistently receives a new chapter from a sophisticated adult novel every day on her computer. Will Alice deduce who the anonymous author is, or does the writer not want to be uncovered? As if the aforementioned adventures were not enough, when Sadie offers a young woman a ride, she also picks up another mystery! Sadie’s compassion leads her on an exploit that brings faith and hope to family in need on the brink of collapse.


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About Chapter and Verse

As the Aspens turn to gold in the hills surrounding Silver Peak, Sadie and her daughter, Alice, set out to reach a lofty goal: climbing Manitou Springs’s challenging Incline trail. And when Sadie purchases an antique trunk at an estate sale, she discovers it comes with an intriguing bonus. Tucked away in the liner is a handwritten poem, signed “Charlotte Brontë.” Could Sadie have stumbled upon a lost literary masterpiece? Alice discovers her own literary mystery when a new chapter from a young adult novel awaits her every morning on her classroom computer. Who is the talented anonymous author, and why is she or he being secretive? Meanwhile, as Sadie drives home each day from the Antique Mine, she sees the same young woman trudging from town on foot, who declines her offers of a ride. When she finally accepts, this small act of kindness leads Sadie to another mystery that brings hope and restoration to a desperate family.

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