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Sleight of Hand – Mysteries of Silver Peak Series – Book 22


During an event at the Blake County Fair featuring the famous illusionist Ainsley Rodin, Roz is selected as his assistant. However, during a disappearing act, Ainsley disappears and Roz reappears bruised and upset! Who forced their way backstage and hurt Roz? Meanwhile, Edwin purchases a valuable pipe formerly belonging to Native Americans. When the pipe mysteriously disappears, Sadie now must solve two mysteries before more mischief is conducted!


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About The Book

Summer in Silver Peak is set to kick off with the arrival of the Blake County Fair, and Sadie is thrilled that Roz has booked a world-renowned illusionist named Ainsley Rodin as the star performer. Roz joins Ainsley as his assistant and participates in a vanishing act. But when she reappears, she is shaken and bruised.

Meanwhile, Edwin has purchased a valuable Native American pipe, which does its own disappearing act. Who took it? And more important, who broke in backstage at the magic show and hurt Roz? With Sadie investigating, the past is bound to have repercussions for the present, and the truth turns out to be more mystifying than any sleight of hand. 

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