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Mysteries of Lancaster County Book 12: By Any Other Name

Author: Beth Adams


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By Any Other Name is the 12th book in the Mysteries of Lancaster County mystery fiction series.

When Adam Fischer—Rachel’s eldest son—faces arrest for a hit-and-run and other serious crimes, the Classen sisters are sure the authorities are targeting the wrong man. Adam doesn’t even drive, let alone have a credit card, such as the one used for fraud. But someone claiming to be Adam has been involved in a number of crimes, and all the evidence points to him. As Martha and her sisters, Elizabeth and Mary, learn more about Adam’s past, they start to wonder if there’s more to Adam’s story than meets the eye. Yet, as they search for clues to help Adam, the identity of the real criminal remains just out of reach. Will they be able to find answers before an innocent victim is thrown in jail?

Meanwhile, Mary is determined to rebuild their mother’s garden, but with the weather still on the chilly side the project isn’t going exactly the way she planned. Elizabeth is digging through her father’s old clothing to find material for her newest quilting project, but instead she uncovers shocking insights into his past.

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