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Ordinary Women of the Bible Book 16: Daughter of Light

Daughter of Light: Charilene’s Story by Melanie Dobson


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Daughter of Light: Charilene’s Story is the 16th book in the Ordinary Women of the Bible fiction series.

As the Romans and the Jewish Council conspire to persecute followers of the Way, Philip’s four prophetic daughters flee by ship from their beloved home in Caesarea. Charilene, the youngest sister, dreams of a Roman legionary in desperate need of help, and his urgent call haunts her along their tumultuous voyage to Ephesus. God leads Philip and his daughters to the beautiful, broken city of Hierapolis, but their journey is far from over. In spite of the opposition, the sisters use their unique gifts to share the good news about Jesus until tragedy shakes this city’s core. What Charilene discovers below Hierapolis changes everything. She must work closely with her sisters to rescue those—including a Roman legionary— who’ve been wounded in both body and soul.

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