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Extraordinary Women of the Bible Book 11 – The God Who Sees: Hagar’s Story

Alone and unnoticed in Egypt, Hagar becomes an unexpected daughter to Sarai, only to face turmoil when chosen to bear Abram’s son. Fleeing into the desert, she discovers divine love in her darkest hour. Order book today!


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The God Who Sees: Hagar’s Story  is book #11 in the Extraordinary Women of the Bible historical fiction series.

Alone and feeling unseen by anyone who cares, Hagar is forced out of her Egyptian home and enslaved by the nomadic Israelites. Taken under Sarai’s wing as her maidservant, Hagar is surprised that she is treated kindly, even almost as a daughter. As the years go by, she begins to adjust to her place in this new world. That is, until everything changes again.

The day Sarai chooses Hagar to bear her husband’s firstborn son becomes both a blessing and a curse. Jealousy and anger twist Sarai’s affection once Hagar is pregnant with Abram’s child. When Sarai attacks her, Hagar flees into the desert, frightened and friendless. But when a messenger of the Lord appears, will Hagar finally come to realize that the Lord has always seen and loved her?

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