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In the Fullness of Time – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 25

Cheryl and Levi are adjusting to their life together as newlyweds, as well as figuring out the nuances of a relationship between an Englisher and an Amish farmer. Despite discovering the new challenges and insights brought about by married life, Cheryl has not lost her knack for solving mysteries. Join her and her friends from Sugarcreek on their adventures as they eagerly go about living their new lives together!


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With each passing season in their first year of married life, Cheryl and Levi Miller find a fresh set of challenges and adjustments to be made as the Englisher and her Amish farmer husband learn to live together. But by observing their friends and loved ones in the Sugarcreek community, the newlyweds see firsthand how God uses each new phase of life to reveal inspiring insights, spiritual truths, and future surprises . . . all while they harvest a whole new crop of mysteries as well!

Join Cheryl, Levi, and Cheryl’s best friend (and now mother-in-law) Naomi as they take a fresh look at life in its various stages and solve four fun mysteries.

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