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Home Sweet Sugarcreek – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 16


As Cheryl conducts research to contribute to a local project in Sugarcreek, she finds some rather disturbing evidence concerning her recently-deceased Uncle Ralph. Will her investigation reveal more information about a long-standing murder mystery, or will she ultimately regret bringing forth this controversial evidence?


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About Home Sweet Sugarcreek

When Sugarcreek decides to put together a display of local lore, and Levi Miller and his mother, Naomi, agree to help with the research, Cheryl Cooper is happy to head up the project. But she is shocked when a search at the library turns up incriminating information concerning her dearly departed uncle Ralph. Her questions about the untimely death of a member of the community make many townsfolk uncomfortable—and at least one person angry enough to burn all of the information she’s gathered. Just when Cheryl thinks she’s closing in on the truth, she is devastated to learn that someone she’s come to love and respect may not be the upright citizen she thought. Will her efforts to uncover the truth expose a decades-old murder or will the secrets she brings to light finally spark redemption?

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