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A Play on Words – Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries – Book 20

The local theater in Sugarcreek is hosting a live production of Simply Sugarcreek, but someone is attempting to sabotage the event! After a crew member disappears, Cheryl realizes that she has to quickly uncover the saboteur, or else it may be lights out for the show! Will the show go on, or is this a mystery that is too puzzling for even Cheryl?


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About A Play on Words

Broadway has come to town as the stage production of Simply Sugarcreek is set to debut at a local theater. Cheryl’s old friend, actress and pop star Lacey Landers, returns to Sugarcreek as the star. When rehearsals get underway, a series of strange events makes it clear that someone is trying to sabotage the play, and the list of those who have a reason to ruin the production is a long one. The show must go on, so Cheryl and Naomi set out to unmask the culprit as events escalate. But when a crew member vanishes, they must race against the clock to find her before it’s too late. Can the two friends figure out who is up to no good before opening night? Or will the curtain fall before the actors say their opening lines at the premier?

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