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O Christmas Tea – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 6


A famous food critic has fallen ill after visiting Tea for Two! Could it be that Elaine and Jan’s teas have been sabotaged and poisoned? With the fate of the tearoom hanging in the balance, Elaine and Jan must solve the mystery—and quickly! Meanwhile, with the stresses of the holiday building, can the cousins find the perfect gift for one another in time for Christmas? Find out in this holiday special that’s sure to put the spirit of Christmas in anyone’s heart!


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It’s Christmastime in Lancaster, Maine, and it’s an occasion for carols, ornaments, and . . . poison? When a well-known food critic visits Tea for Two and becomes ill, Jan and Elaine set out to learn what put her there. Has someone tampered with their teas? And if so, who and why? With the critic in the hospital and the tearoom closed for a toxicology screening, the cousins have much riding on their investigation!
Meanwhile, Elaine tries not to be envious that Jan’s children will be with her for the holiday and hers will not. They each look for the perfect gift for the other, but their searches hit a disappointing—and seemingly insurmountable—obstacle. Can they find just the right gift in time for Christmas?

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