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Red Gloves Collection

Let the masterful fiction of Karen Kingsbury whisk you away into delightful Christmas stories that will lift your spirits and make you feel blessed. Witness the power of love to transform relationships, and how the gift of a simple pair of red woolen gloves turns lives around, heals the broken, and gives people hope. 

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Captivating Christmas stories that will remind you anything is possible for those who believe. Enjoy this set of Christmas classics from one of America’s favorite inspirational authors, with pre-season savings that are sure to make you smile. 

Gideon’s Gift

A heartbroken homeless man tells everyone in the soup kitchen how much he hates Christmas. But that doesn’t stop Gideon, an energetic eight-year-old girl fighting leukemia, from trying to bring him a little hope. After losing his family and home, Earl has spiraled into a wretched life of despair. When his last possession from his former life is stolen from him as he sleeps under a stoop, he prays his life will end. Meanwhile, Gideon is praying for a miracle big enough to help Earl believe again, and the Christmas gift she finds for him at the secondhand store may be just the lifeline he needs.

Sarah’s Story

The ritual is the same every December: twelve handmade paper ornaments and a small Christmas tree. Twelve days for Sarah to remember her long-ago love. Twelve chances for Sarah to sing her song once more. Long before she came to live at the assisted care facility, Sarah created a special Christmas tradition to help her recall God’s grace and goodness back when she was a troubled young woman chasing a career in country music. Now she prays for one more Christmas, and the chance to share her story with her caregiver, Beth, who is on the verge of leaving her marriage. Sarah hopes it isn’t too late to help her discover the secret to finding and keeping love.

Hannah’s Hope

A lonely fifteen-year-old girl, Hannah Roberts needs a miracle, but isn’t sure about God, or how to ask Him for one. She lives with her grandmother while her socialite parents live at the U.S. Embassy in Sweden. As Christmas approaches, Hannah learns a shocking truth —her biological father is an Air Force chopper pilot who engages in dangerous overseas missions. Hannah begins a desperate search for him, airing her message on radio and having a city newspaper pick up her story. A true Christmas miracle is in the making as all of Washington is rooting for Hannah to be reunited with her dad at Christmas, but then word comes that his mission failed and he is missing-in-action.

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