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Sidetracked Suspicions – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 18


When a valuable Chinese vase is to be auctioned for the benefit of the Blue Hill Library at the Railroad Days Festival, Anne is extremely excited until she learns that the real vase was stolen and replaced with a fake one. Can Anne track down the artifact—and the thief—before the first bids begin? Meanwhile, Anne struggles to maintain composure after her Civil Rights display in the library—in addition to her article in the local newspaper—is heavily criticized by locals. Will Anne be able to sustain her humility through her Great- Aunt Edie’s values? 


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Blue Hill is celebrating its first-ever Railroad Days Festival, and the main event is an antiques appraisal and auction. Contributions come from many of the townspeople, but the most valuable item—an ancient Chinese vase worth ten thousand dollars—has been donated anonymously. The benefactor has asked that the proceeds from the vase go to the Blue Hill Library, but Anne barely has time to wonder who could be so generous before the vase is stolen and replaced with a fake. Worse yet, Wendy seems to be the prime suspect in the crime! To clear her friend’s name, Anne must find the real thief and the missing vase before the auctioneer starts the bidding.

Meanwhile, Grace Hawkins, editor of the Blue Hill Gazette, asks Anne to write a monthly book column. She uses the library’s display featuring the civil rights movement as the inspiration for her first piece but is surprised to see several letters condemning the display and her judgment as a librarian. As Anne struggles with how to respond to her detractors, she finds inspiration, as always, from Aunt Edie.

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