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Savannah Secrets – The Greatest Of These – Book 10

Author: Marlene Chase


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The Greatest Of These is the 10th book in the Savannah Secrets cozy-mystery series.

When the women of Magnolia Investigations visit a downtown gallery, they are enthralled by the work of a newcomer to the local art scene. Many have attempted to uncover the identity of this “runaway artist,” but no one has succeeded. Is it true that the elusive painter is Desdemona, the graffiti artist who Carmen knew when she was a teen-ager? Or could the artisan actually be Helena, the granddaughter of the larger-than-life Greek sculptor Iris Floros, who came to Savannah because she believes that her granddaughter is in trouble? When Iris looks to Magnolia Investigations for help in finding Helena, it is up to Julia and Meredith to discover the truth.

Meanwhile, when Julia’s mother, Bonnie Jean, has a small accident, Julia is prepared to take care of her until she is back on her feet. But out of the blue, Julia’s flighty and not-so-responsible sister, Cassie, comes home to help as well. Can Julia reconcile her memories of her sister with the woman she appears to be now?

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