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Whistle Stop Café Mysteries Book 11: A String of Pearls

Debbie leads Easter fest planning until a friend’s missing pearls land her in a treasure hunt-turned-mystery. Can she clear her name in Dennison’s secrets.


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A String of Pearls, is book number eleven in the Whistle Stop Café Mysteries fiction series.

 Debbie Albright has no idea what she is getting herself into when she volunteers to lead the planning committee for Dennison’s rescheduled Easter festival and parade. But a missing bunny suit and an unhappy committee member are the least of Debbie’s problems when her friend Beatrice asks for her help. Beatrice’s nephew, Richard, is all but tearing apart Beatrice’s home in his quest to find the legendary treasure from a train robbery that occurred near Dennison back in the forties. He redoubles his efforts when he discovers a string of rare black pearls and a cryptic note in a forgotten armoire in Beatrice’s house. 

When the pearls go missing, Richard blames Debbie for the theft. She has no choice but to add solving a mystery to her busy schedule. Can Debbie and her friend Janet Shaw uncover the secrets of the past and clear Debbie’s name?

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