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Tea and Promises – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 25

Even as Jan puts the final touches on her wedding plans, mystery still swirls around the tearoom. While searching for the perfect wedding gift for Jan and Bob, Elaine and Nathan stumble upon a distinctive antique teapot at Mainely Bargains. Nathan feels certain it’s the one that’s been missing for 150 years from Hannibal Hamlin’s historic family tea set that once served President Lincoln. After Nathan purchases the teapot, Elaine and Jan set out to help him trace its provenance. Their pursuit brings them in contact with some very interesting people, including a woman who is convinced Nathan’s teapot belongs to her – and will stop at nothing to get it back. And when Jan and Bob’s big day finally arrives, it is capped by an exiting announcement and a thrilling development – just as the newlyweds depart for their honeymoon.


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About Tearoom Mysteries

Elaine and her cousin, Jan, were both ready for a new season in their lives, so together they purchased a rambling lake house on the quiet shore of Lake Chickadee in Maine. Following in their grandmother’s footsteps, they converted part of the house into a charming tearoom that spills out onto the large veranda overlooking the lake.

As Elaine and Jan pour their heart and soul into making the tearoom a success, they are surprised to find themselves a magnet for the town’s many mysteries. People come for the delicious tea and crumpets and end up sharing all sorts of news and dilemmas with the cousins who are always eager to get involved. The lake house is also a goldmine of buried artifacts that raise puzzling questions of their own. Fortunately for everyone, the cousins are as good at serving up the truth as they are at serving tea.

Come explore the quaint village of Lake Chickadee, Maine with its picturesque mountain lake surrounded by wild blueberry bushes. Like the people who come to Elaine and Jan’s tearoom, you’ll find yourself feeling relaxed and entertained by the books in this new fiction series by Guideposts.

Join in the fun of solving the mysteries alongside the cousins as they find themselves in the middle of situations that take perseverance and faith to work out. Adding to that a budding romance with an old beau, a whirlwind of family and friends, the exciting adventures of a new life, and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in stories you won’t want to put down.

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