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Steeped in Secrets – Tearoom Mysteries – Book 13


When valuable items are stolen from Sylvia’s Closet, Elaine and Jan become the prime suspects! After Jan becomes ever more suspicious—hurting her relationship with Elaine as a result—one can only wonder if this is a mystery too big for even the cousins. Meanwhile, Elaine and Jan search for their cat, Earl Grey. Will friendship be the unity that can overcome the air of suspicion surrounding the two cousins?


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Jan Blake and Elaine Cook have investigated many baffling mysteries since opening Tea for Two, and now the spotlight of suspicion is turned on them! The cousins visit Sylvia’s Closet for some unique accessories, and when a valuable collection of vintage brooches is found missing after their visit, the finger of blame points squarely at them— especially when all but one unique piece is discovered in their trash can. And Jan places herself under particular scrutiny after making a regrettable promise of secrecy that drives a wedge between her and Elaine.

Who’s behind the theft? And could the strange man Jan saw hanging around outside Sylvia’s Closet be involved? Meanwhile, the cousins’ beloved stray cat, Earl Grey, is missing. Has something happened to their furry friend or has he merely decided to leave the tearoom for greener pastures?

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